Initial assessment of study programme groups

To open a study programme in a new study programme group, the institution of higher education submits an application to the Ministry of Education and Research (MER). The MER organises expert assessment of the application and the submitted data, involving the Estonian Quality Agency for Education (HAKA) in assessing the quality of studies. For initial assessment of a study programme group HAKA assesses:

  • whether the qualification requirements of lecturers established by the educational institution and the qualifications of the lecturers involved in the studies are sufficient;
  • whether the resources required to conduct the studies are sufficient; and
  • whether the learning outcomes described are achievable with the study programme and whether the learning outcomes conform to the requirements of conducting studies at the level of higher education.

If foreign experts are involved in assessing an application, the HAKA informs the institution of higher education of the need to submit the documents in English.

The applicant bears the cost of expert assessment. The fees for expert assessment and the calculation of the expenses forming their basis are established in the regulation of the chairman of the management board of  the Education and Youth Board. As of 22.09.2020, the base rate is €8702.

Submission of data for initial assessment of study programme group

An application for the initial assessment of a study programme group must be submitted via the Estonian Education Information System ( at least nine months before the start of an academic year.